As I sit here recuperating from what could have been a life altering surgery, I am very grateful that I am able to enjoy the sunshine today in Cape Town and reflect on the most precious moments of my life.

For one, I am reminded of the 3rd anniversary of my father’s passing yesterday why I started this business, Reflections in Motion… which was inspired by my late father. There are many reasons but two of which stand out to be the most important. Firstly, to be able to live a life that I want to live and fulfilling my passion, which is working with people and supporting them along their life journey, which is through coaching and secondly, to be able to provide families and friends with a means to treasure their precious memories together.

Being the 3rd anniversary of my fathers passing, my mother, sister and I vowed that we would keep his memory alive by doing the most silly things to remember by… for example, my Dad loved Crème Soda, which he called “Green drink” , he loved a peppermint crisp chocolate and his favourite food was curry. So every year, on the anniversary of his death and also on his birthday, we celebrate by indulging in these little things that remind us fondly of him.

I however realize though that as time goes by, there are little things that you tend to forget… his sayings, his ways and of course all the little things that he would do for me.

I know he was proud of me but something that would have been written in a book somewhere in his own handwriting would have been extra special.

My Dad and I shared a special bond, as he did with my older sister… and I cannot help but wonder how different life would be now, if he were still here… memories are the most important thing in life… if only we encouraged those around us to record them more frequently… our thoughts and memories of our lifetime with our loved ones would allow us to keep their memories closer…!

In the words of Elvis Blue’s song “The Things my father said”… “Somewhere there is star that shining, so bright that I can see your smile… “

Dad, there are little reminders of you everywhere and I thank you for the inspiration to keep your memory alive through Reflections in Motion.